How To Register

Step 1

Download the app from the Apple App Store
Link to App Store

Step 2

Open the Athlogic app and press sign up

Step 3

Enter your full name, email, password and phone number if you would like to

Step 4

Select your state and high school

Step 5

Select your relationship on the team

Step 6

Check your inbox for a message from the Athlogic team.

Step 7

Go back to the Athlogic app and sign in

How To Track Stats

Step 1

Press start tracking stats to begin recording a game

Step 2

This is the main tracking screen. At the bottom of the screen you can proceed to the next quarter, check your team's stats and start recording a new play.

Play Type

Record the type of play that is happening by tapping the corresponding buttons

Jersey Number

Quickly press the number to record a player's jersey number


Drag the line to indicate where a ball was caught, placed, kicked from etc...