Instant statistics and play suggestions

Athlogic offers a novel, AI-enabled, data entry application that crowdsources and verifies data entry in real-time using Athlogic’s verification program to immediately generate real-time statistics and performance analytics for high school football teams.  Students, coaches, parents and fans at games that are using Athlogic can record granular, play-by-play statistics. Athlogic’s application, available at no cost to high school teams, is bringing revolutionary technology that is currently only available for professional teams with deep technical resources. Equal access to these insights is necessary for leveling the competitive playing field emerging in high school football.
Amateur athletes and teams have largely been priced out of the sports analytics market unable to reap the benefits offered from sports analytics. Benefits that protect the health and well-being of athletes, improve performance for them and their team, and better engage their supporters to increase revenue or funds. Schools with bigger budgets have been dominating the athletic world by hiring full time statistician (increase team and player performance), recruiters (increasing player exposure of getting recruited), and great athletic program (balance in athletic and academics)

Our Vision

Leveling the playing field

Our vision is to bring a technology that has only been improving professional teams for years to High Schools