Athlogic Recruiting

The bottleneck existing in today’s college football recruiting process stems from data availability and accuracy. Programs staff a team of analysts and coaches to prospect by navigating many channels, verify the accuracy of claims through film analysis or cross-referencing through other channels. Many times, this requires having a recruiter travel to see them in person. In addition to the burden this places on personnel, resources, and budget, any errors in due diligence cost scholarship slots and impact the team’s performance. Access to a dataset with accurate, detailed, and up to date information that is exclusively accessed through Athlogic Recruiting will serve as a resource to optimize recruiting inefficiencies and reduce the uncertainty of data accessed. Athlogic’s governance channels offers a first of its kind algorithm to provide validity checks.
With Athlogic, college recruiters will be able to see a student's full, verified Athletic profile along with an attached clip of every mentioned play if the player's school is subscribed to Athlogic Film. Athlogic’s software automatically validates entries in real-time by comparing the input from all users in the game, if both teams are using Athlogic, entries from both teams can be cross referenced to calculate the most accurate entry.

Our Vision


We envision a world where every high school tracks their statistics using Athlogic and all that data is available for data-based recruiting


Imagine getting a full picture of every potential recruit. Every result of every down of football they played their entire High School career.