Automated Film Editing

We also offer access to Athlogic Film, a premium offering for Athlogic where teams can upload game film to be automatically clipped and tagged to the respective play. These clips can be filtered by coaches and recruiters to find plays meeting their criteria from any combination of the 200 “on-the-field” metrics. 
Film processed and stored on Athlogic is tagged and annotated with the events from each game within a statistically insignificant margin of error to the time it occurred in real time. This is used to create a computer vision model that will initially supplement, but later replace manual data entry for high school football games. The computer vision model will initially be able to validate if the play recorded on the app matches what occurred in the game through the film. As the model improves to reach full automation, it will supplement validating the metrics in an increasingly granular fashion.

Our Vision

Manual Data Entry

Right now Athlogic uses data collected within the app to identify and clip plays. This data is training a computer vision model.

Computer Vision

Once this computer vision model is trained to identify play types it will replace manual data entry. Game film could be uploaded with no context and produce the cut film along with an in-depth statistics and insights report.