Meet our team

We're a team of fans, former players and stat guys who are changing the game.
With more and more technological advances happening each day,
football has been lagging behind. We're working hard to bring the
benefits of sports analytics to every high school football team
in the country.

We're always looking for new ideas and feedback.
Reach out to our team to set up a call to learn more.

The evolution of Athogic

Jacky took stats for his high school's football teamĀ (clearly he was popular) and realized how annoying and prone to mistake it was.
In college Jacky co-founded the FSU Athletic statistics club and frustrated with the old way of taking stats came up with Athlogic
Jacky started Athlogic to bring his revolutionary technology to high school teams around the country

Angel funding

Jacky found people who believed in his vision for high school athletics, got funding and built the Athlogic team

Our Roster

Jacky Levi

Founder and CEO


Chris Orlando

Director of Sales


From Jacky's studio apartment to the big leagues..

Plays per game
Expected teams for
Fall 2022
Players stats will be tracked