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Athlogic makes it possible for high school football teams to track game-changing stats
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Why teams love Athlogic

A Game Changer for Learning to Program

High school's using Athlogic get exclusive access to our hand-on STEM education program

Take your coaching to the next level

Analytics and statistics from Athlogic removes the guess work out of football allowing you and your team to focus on executing fundamentals

Seamless tracking throughout the season

We do the tracking so you don't have to waste time manually logging data.


Athlogic will automatically clip game film and associate it with the play allowing your athletes and coaches to save valuable time


Athlogic is the future of collegiate recruitment. With the click of a button, college recruiters can find athlete's information and stats.


Athlogic tracks powerful stats to help you identify trends and tendencies through our 200+ metric tendencies

Sports Analytics Club

Athlogic will help you establish a sports analytics club at your high school

Increase Student Involvement in Athletics

Create school spirit by including more students in extracurriculars

Get help tracking stats

Students in the sports analytics club will be taught how to collect and properly utilize data to support the coaching staff

Make S.T.E.M. Fun

Create school spirit by including more students in extracurriculars

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Easily track accurate and detailed stats
View reports anytime anywhere
Keep track of your team with one app
Make your players easier to find by recruiters
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This Plan Includes:
Automatic Film Clipping
Film included in recruiting profiles
Everything from the base version
Automatic play type detection (coming soon)

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